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Karapiro 758

Overall length 8300mm




Good for families, the Karapiro 758 has twin single beds completing the sleeping arrangements for four people. The lounge and kitchen allow room to move about, the shower and toilet are completely separate, and the bedroom can be made private from the living room.

The twin single beds model at its absolute best

  • Internal width: 2240mm
  • Internal height: 2000mm
  • External width: 2410mm
  • External height: 3150mm
  • Main bed dimensions: 740mmW x 1920mmW x 890mmH
  • Main bed configuration: Twin beds
  • Length of kitchen bench: 1669mm
  • Main garage dimensions: 1010mm W x 2230mm L x 1140mm H
  • Number of external lockers: 1 standard or 2 as an option
Traillite Karapiro 758 back to front
Trail Lite Karapiro 758 portrait

5-star luxury on the road

The TrailLite 700 Series are the range-topping pinnacle of motorhomes, with all the tech and spec to stay away for longer coupled with premium interiors. They're large and spacious with awesome towing power and higher load capacity - all available on a standard car licence.

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