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  • K Yacht 86
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K-Yacht 86

Overall length 7450mm




The K-Yacht 86 is Mobilvetta's version of the popular two single beds model. One of the single beds is slightly longer making it a popular model for extra tall people. The dropdown bed pulls down over the lounge and can be left fully made up.

Single beds make this a great choice for couples and families

  • GVM: 4400kg
  • External width: 2350mm
  • External height: 2890mm
  • Main bed dimensions: 800mmW x 1970mmL & 800mmW x 1950mmL
  • Main bed configuration: Twin beds
  • Secondary bed configuration: Drop down bed over lounge
  • Main garage dimensions: 1170 x 870
MV lifestyle horiz 7
MV lifestyle port 1

Award winning Italian design

Exceptional value for money for true A-Class liveability and nominated for the prestigious ADI Design Index - Mobilvetta K-Yacht motorhomes stand out. There's nautical styling inside and a sporty exterior, plus the signature huge window that lets in light and offers fab views.

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