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How much does it cost to buy a motorhome?

It's important that your budget and dream lifestyle are in sync so before settling on a fixed number, consider what you want to do in/with your motorhome. For example, if you want to live and travel full time you’ll need a big spec motorhome with big water, big solar and big batteries to ensure you can do this with ease.

Another thing to consider is the total cost of ownership; that is, the price of the motorhome less what you sell it for and what your expenses were during its life. This can vary from new by 7% depreciation right up to 20%. Opting for a low price upfront isn’t always the better deal long term and may end up costing much more in the long run.

Here’s an estimate of what you could get for your money:

Under $50,000

  • Likely to be an old bus conversion or a van style rental
  • Older/second hand and with higher KMs
  • Might not meet certified self-containment standards meaning campgrounds and higher running costs (fuel, accommodation)


  • Could secure a good quality early 2000's New Zealand built TrailLite second hand
  • A road craft van style conversion on a quality and reliable chassis
  • Second hand imported motorhome
  • Ex rental


  • A good value new import
  • New Zealand new, no KMs, low cost, entry level (considered to be a more budget/entry level motorhome)
  • Might have a few features such as water and solar but unlikely to be highly specified


  • A late model luxury Kiwi made motorhome
  • A good rear wheel drive option think Mercedes-Benz vehicle
  • Good specification and self-containment certification standards


  • A luxury, bespoke motorhome
  • Lots of extras as standard
  • Interior designed and luxurious

$250,000- $350,000

  • Pinnacle of luxury, no compromises
  • Interior designed and optional upgrades personalised to your lifestyle
  • Benchmark of specification as standard with no need for additional upgrades

Basic costs of owning a motorhome:

  • Vehicle registration
  • Insurance
  • Road user chargers
  • Nightly site costs
  • Resale value
  • Fuel (some COF motorhomes can deliver around 12L/100km but it depends on how you drive it)
  • Service and warranty

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