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Bailey Australia

Bailey. Built Better.

Bailey is the first European manufacturer to build caravans in Australia. The years of experience as Britain’s top-selling caravan maker has brought a wealth of knowledge and unique construction techniques to the building of caravans in Australia.

Why Bailey?

The industry leader in lightweight technology

Most Bailey caravans can be up to 600kg lighter than comparable vans in the same class. This means that Bailey caravans can be towed with your standard SUV without the need to upgrade to another tow vehicle and a lighter caravan means you’re more fuel efficient. These are just two of the many ways Bailey caravan’s lightweight technology can help save you money.

Worldwide testing – Built to endure

Bailey caravans have a strong ethos built on design and engineering. That’s why they ensure the testing is done before the caravan is ready for you. Bailey ensures their caravans are ready by undergoing accelerated life testing at the AARC (Australia Automotive Research Centre). This test subjects the caravan to 10,000km through corrugations, winding roads, harsh environmental conditions and more. Bailey then takes their testing a step further and subject the caravans through real-world testing consisting of 8,500km of Australia’s rugged centre to make sure they are built to endure the harshest environments. Bailey does all this to ensure your caravan can withstand the test of time.

Environmentally friendly – caring for our planet

Bailey cares about our planet, so all Bailey caravans are designed and built to be 75% recyclable. Further to that they are made with no wood in the walls or ceiling but rather use their own ‘Plastic Wood’ which is made up of recycled plastic water bottles.

Thermal insulation

Bailey’s patented Alu-Tech body construction system provides industry-leading thermal insulation. Their UK facilities allow Bailey caravans to be subjected to cold chamber testing in temperatures as low as negative 15 degrees and more importantly heat testing the interior of the caravan to 65 degrees and 100% humidity, to achieve the best possible results in thermal insulation. Bailey caravans are the highest possible insulation rating (Grade III for EN 1645-I and EN1646-I) all of which means you can be confident that a Bailey is ready and willing to take you where you want to go.

Backed by TrailLite

Bailey is a renowned international brand and their Australian built caravans are perfect for New Zealand conditions. That’s why we’ve chosen to offer them to the New Zealand market. Our after service care team are specially trained to carry out any maintenance or repairs.

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