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Our Story

We're a family of innovators with heritage steeped in tradition

We started life as a humble cabinetmaker's factory, before the team saw an opportunity in the booming 1950s caravan market. Our cabinetmaking abilities were the perfect foundation for creating quality caravan interiors and 1954 saw the first TrailLite caravan roll off the production line. The design was an instant hit.

The team's commitment to quality and service were soon recognised and TrailLite's name became synonymous with New Zealand made luxury caravans. What followed was queues of customers waiting for their slice of our Kiwi pie.

Our values haven't changed since 1954, especially our attention to detail and quality. We're pretty sure it's the reason why we've not only survived since the 1950s, but thrived to become New Zealand's leading and oldest motorhome manufacturer today.