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The Bailey's caravan range are affordable, stylish and available from TrailLite.

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TrailLite made in, for and by New Zealand

Built from scratch without a scratch

Our master craftsmen are Kiwis making dream lifestyles for other Kiwis. Seems kind of fitting really.

TrailLite's quality and construction is legendary. Visit any campground in New Zealand and you’ll likely find decades old TrailLites providing reliable and comfortable holiday accommodation for their owners. Even all these years later TrailLite's quality is visible the moment you walk in the door.

Over the company's 60 year history the motorhomes have developed, international brands have been introduced, the factory has tripled in size but one thing has remained consistent; the family values, kiwi inequity and pride that ripples through the factory floor.

The factory is the place where dream lifestyles come true built from the ground up coupled with kiwi inequity, master craftsman and the pride needed to make the perfect motorhome every time.

Experience the unique nature of TrailLite yourself by joining us for a factory tour and start making your dreams a reality today. 



You're in safe hands

Every TrailLite Motorhome is made with the pride that come from by hand manufacturing 


A growing team of Kiwi craftsman

Our people, our crew our TrailLite family are what make our product special. Own a TrailLite and know that it was made by kiwis for kiwis. 

200 res

Built from scratch without a scratch

World class kiwi manufacturing requires world class principles and practises. We are a company of innovators with continual improvement built into our values that’s why lean techniques are important. They increase production efficiency leaving more time for the things that matter – building quality motorhomes. 

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