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The motorhome for the fortunate few

There are only so many spaces in our factory and days in a year…

It’s simple math’s. Every year, approximately 80 TrailLite motorhomes roll out of our factory. But the number of people who want one far exceeds that. In fact, demand for New Zealand’s best motorhomes is growing; as it does, so too does the time increase exponentially for delivery. Currently, there is around a 12 month wait time from deposit to possession, – think of it like this, 12 months wait for a lifetime investment and your dream lifestyle becoming a reality.

Those who appreciate the importance of a motorhome built specifically for New Zealand roads, the quality of a New Zealand made product, and who wish to hit the road in 12-18 months’ time need to get in touch now. Pay your deposit and claim a spot in the queue. The longer you wait…the wait grows longer.

It’s worth the wait to get something that’s just right. Since 1954 we’ve been working on perfecting what you don’t see with no compromise on fittings and fixtures; many of the features now standard in New Zealand motorhome design first appeared in a TrailLite.

With over six decades of refining the way we do things and the products that go into our motorhomes, we know what works and what doesn’t. With expertly configured floorplans and storage, you’ll never need to leave anything behind.

We welcome you to come to visit our factory in Pukekohe and learn more about what it takes to build the best and most luxurious motorhomes in New Zealand. Also, check out our factory tour video on this page to learn more! 

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